Summer Palace at the Shangri-la Hotel

My visit: May 5, 2009

Summer Palace
EDSA Shangri-la Hotel
1 Garden Way
Ortigas, Mandaluyong City

My visit: April 21, 2011 
I italicized updated post

While DS was in the restaurant called HEAT with her friend, my parents, my aunt and I had our lunch at the Summer Palace. Dining here is inexpensive with the Club EDSA Shangri-la privilege card. All dine in food are automatically discounted at 50% off. You can even take out all your left over.

There were four of us who dined- my parents, DS and I last Maundy Thursday for lunch. The whole restaurant was abuzz. People were busy eating and chatting. 

 taro puff PhP 168- updated price

I was not able to taste the taro puff because I was so full already lol 

DS for her love of taro ordered taro puff. Thanks to her I was able to taste it for the first time! Soft taro plus prawn in the middle equals a delicious food.

Summer Palace free refill peanuts

The dim sum did not disappoint but the servers did. How can a restaurant in a 5 star hotel employ incompetent waiters. As it was my first time to dine dim sum style in this restaurant, I have questions on what's on the menu. I have asked two waiters with the same question and both were dumb founded. We have to request several times for peanuts and water. Although they apologized profusely, I didn't see any reason to have a slow service. In fact, too slow that I was already finished eating and my order of spring roll has not yet been serve. I had to cancel it. One of our orders turned out to be a different one. And I think, twice, our orders got mixed up with another table. I looked around and saw that the place was not even packed with diners.

The dining area was full but the waiters/ waitresses quickly offered us a seat near the waiting area. After a few minutes or so, we were given a side by side table. We used 2 separate cards to avail of the promo thus the tables have to be separated by a mere inch. 

The waiters have improved a lot,  glasses of water were served without even requesting and our peanuts were refilled several times!

crispy seafood roll PhP 170

mango shrimp roll PhP 180- updated price

The waiter have interchanged the names of the two dim sum above. The first dim sum photo is crispy seafood roll. When we asked we were told that it was mango shrimp roll, the second picture. Inside, both tasted the same. We almost cancelled the mango shrimp roll because we thought that it was already been served.

Remind me not to order mango shrimp roll next time. The wrapper was a bit thick and soggy. The mango was not sweet. The entire thing is not appetizing at all.

raddish cake PhP157.50- updated price

The radish cake was a bit burnt because it was requested by my aunt. 

The raddish was soft inside and slightly toasted on the outside. Alfafa sprout, is that you?

 pork siomai PhP189- updated price

hakao PhP168- updated price

The siomai and hakao tasted so good and very filling. Tiger prawns were used in both. Both servings were huge.

soya goose PhP 260

The soya goose came with a sauce. I ate the soya goose alone without dipping it in the sauce. I like it that way.

pork pastries PhP168

The pork pastries are like asado filled hopia. 

 baked BBQ pork bun

The pork pastries and the baked BBQ pork bun have almost the same filling. The top of the baked BBQ pork bun is too sweet, I can only eat one.

 machang PhP160

The closest we got to rice substitute was an order of machang. Machang is a type of dim sum made of rice and meat wrapped in lotus leaf and steamed. 

siao long pao PhP157.50

Deliciously soupy! That's how I would describe their siao long pao!

 watercress dumpling PhP200

Want something healthy? Try their watercress dumpling! The green and white wrapper combination is a visual treat! The sauce is hot, hot, hot!

spareribs PhP168

We all agree that their spareribs failed in comparison to other dim sum house like Causeway in Banawe  or Gloria Maris in Wilson for example. 

And my favorite of them all...

jelly fish PhP 160

Crunchy and tasted so good!

Chrysanthemum tea is PhP210. 

Our recent visit was a treat! We were so full. It pays to wait and give the restaurant some time to adjust hehe