Burgoo: pati pagluto anything goes!

June 14, 2009

SM Mall of Asia
2nd floor, Main Mall
SM Central Business Park
Bay City, Pasay
5560091 5560092

what you see upon entering the establishment


extra bread

Seafood Ceasar Salad PhP 295

free pasta

hamburger PhP 245

My mom received a free Burgoo soup coupon and another Burgoo coupon with a free pasta with PhP500 purchase from her credit card company.

The restaurant was practically empty except for a few tables occupied and two servers. Requests for catsup and follow up order had to be repeated several times.

Sa sobrang itim ng kape kala nila dad eh latak na ng brewed coffee lol And don't get me started on their breadstick as they like to call it. The bread came in late and after several request. We have to return the breads twice because of the stench smell. The manager denied using their cooking oil repeatedly which contradicts what they were serving us. Although, the third time, they served it right but we don't have much food left on the table.

Our bill amounted to PhP 700+ service charge. It's totally not worth it. The pasta is so bland that additional parmesan cheese couldn't solve the problem. My mom improvised with the free Burgoo stew. She mixed the pasta and a bit of stew and voila! Finally, a more palatable pasta lol

Would we come back? Only if it's the last open restaurant in MOA. Don't let me eat my words lol