My visit: June 3, 2009

411 N.S. Amoranto Sr. Ave., QC

C and I were supposed to be trying another restaurant but eventually settled for this one because the other restaurant is not within our budget lol

The lone waiter, Mike, quickly gave us the menu as he ushered us into our table. C asked if there is meaning to the restaurant's unique name. We learned that there is an asian restaurant in Australia named Wagamama. The owners just changed the last letter and there was really no meaning to it. Our server was kind enough to split most of our orders into two, our drinks included.

brightly-lit interior

beverage counter

blueberry cheesecake bestseller


white chocco macademia latte- PhP 110

This is actually supposed to be an iced coffee but Mike says that it can be changed into ice blended one. It is originally priced at PhP 90. I like the taste because it reminded me of mocha frappucino of Starbucks.
almond roca loca- PhP 110

This one is a bit sweet and the flavor of the syrup is strong. C likes this than the first one.

onion rings with aioli- PhP 107

The onion rings has two sauces. The yellow one consists of mustard, mayo and secret spices while the white one is tartar sauce mixed with a lot of garlic. I liked the yellow one but then C told me to mixed the two together. The result was way better as compared to just dipping the onion rings in tartar sauce alone.

wagamamu burger- PhP 168

Another one that the restaurant split into two for us is their signature burger. With the generous slice of cheese, you can hardly taste the burger. I have to take a piece of the burger to taste it. You can eat the burger alone without the ketchup. I would request mine without mayo next time.

Despite of the heavy rain pour outside, we had a great time eating at this diner place.