Octoboy Banawe

My visit: July 18, 2009

beside Ersao
Banawe, Quezon City


Since I first saw this signage when they were just building it, I made a mental note that I wanted to try it out when the store opens.

Octoboy logo

There were four personnel maning the small booth. You pay and they cook as you order. You have a choice of squid, pork takoyaki, both are for PhP 45 per order of three, and shrimp takoyaki for P50 per order of three. There are other menu on their board but I got to only try their takoyaki.

brightly lit menu board

I was a bit disappointed with their service. It took us 30 minutes just to get one order of squid takoyaki. They initially served me overcooked/ burnt takoyaki and I turned it down. I asked for a fresh one and told them not to overcook it. On their second try, I still have overcooked takoyaki. DH went to Ersao to get our favorite Pearl Milk tea. I was hoping it would cool him down a bit from all the waiting. He already got our drinks and my takoyaki was not done. So, I settled for one overcooked takoyaki and two ok ones.  

iced tea dispenser

my squid takoyaki PhP 45

I hope they improve on their cooking time and practice more on the turning of the takoyaki balls which causes to overcook takoyaki. I know it's still in it's soft opening phase but experience like this makes you forget how good takoyaki was and would remember how long long and burnt they look had I not asked them to change it.