Running Diary: Globe Run for home experience!

My run: July 19, 2009

Globe Run for Home
Fort Bonifacio

As usual, I was not able to sleep the night before the race due to excitement. By the time I was already falling asleep, I got a text message from C, oh, make that AC now, she is now an employed lawyer again. *yipee* Anyhoo, we arrived at the Fort earlier than usual as we still have to collect our race kit. AC went to claim it the day before but was unsuccessful. Race kits were all gone! All for nothing! Sayang lang ang parking lol

already full parking at 5am

our sunrise photo, nice noh? taken by J, galing!

with my fav cuz, J

the station where we claimed our race kits

This was the tent where I heard some argument and complaints from several runners who were not able to claim their running kit on the specific claiming period. The runners were told that no more kits are going to be issued on the day of the race. Whaat? I panicked! I looked for AC somewhere and buti nalang the girl she talked to the day before was there. The girl recognized her. She explained to everybody else that AC was at the claiming booth the day before but the organizers just ran out of kit and so we were entitled to get hold of our kits. So there. I heard some people were told by Fitness First that they can claim their kits on the day itself. Poor runners... sayang ang PhP 300+ na binayaran nila. I think Globe really didn't expect the huge turn out. Thus, the lack of race kits. On the other hand, strict implementation of rules teaches us to comply next time. I'm just saying.

5k runners in front of me

It's already past the time that they announced they were going to start the 5k race, numerous runners were already in front of me. AC got to go to the toilet before the race starts. Maybe excited din siya di lang nagpapahalata sa akin lol

singlet that were issued to us

I also took off my long sleeves and hooded jacket and changed into the singlet that they issued to us. Ang init kasi buti nalang it didn't rain that morning.

starting line

stopping all the traffic for the racers

The enforcers who were present that day should be commended for not letting the runners lose their momentum. All traffic were stopped as the other runners and I crossed the street.

two way run

I am nearing the 2.5k u- turn when I took the photo above. The road seems narrower by then since it has became two way.

fellow 5k runners

sponsor of drink station

3rd water station

I was not able to taste the 100 plus sponsored drink, I only stopped at the water station.

winner ka talaga , kuya!

For my third race, I finished under 42 minutes for the 5k run. A 10 minute improvement for my last race of 52 minutes finishing time. But official race result are going to be announced tomorrow. I can't wait. We have an official timing chip tied to our shoe laces to get a more accurate result so they say.

all sweat at the finish line, yey!

with ms. Karen Davila

at Runnr

back at the parking garage

my cuz's rubber soles... calling mr. Quickie!

My cousin showed me his rubber shoes that he is about to retire... hello, talaga namang dapat itapon o ipamigay na. Buti nalang hindi nasira ng tuluyan habang tumatakbo siya lol I took this shot of his soles while waiting for our orders in Figaro Coffee.

my number

disposable timer

hope it works

my race kit

All the while, I thought that with a big sponsor like Globe would have a very coordinated team to organized such events and it was one save for the miscommunication it has encounter with some of the runners who were not able to get their kit that they paid for. I pity them.