Promo: Wagamamu

My visit: June 26, 2009

411 NS Amoranto St.,
Quezon City

visits card

a cup of cafe americano for free

buffalo wings

1/3 pound wagamamu burger

baby back ribs

Did ever tell you that I go back again and again in a restaurant when I feel like it? Well, take Hanobe for example. We went there twice remember in a week, remember? Last week, it was Wagamamu's turn. I was there Monday with C and back on Friday with DH. Oh, give us a break! Don't blame it on me... DH have not tried this restaurant and he is craving hamburger at that time, bakit ba?

But don't fret because there's a new entree that I've order and new promos to blog. And so here I am writing about Wagamamu once again.

Our orders did not come out in order. The entrees came out first while our appetizer came out last. The buffalo wings lack the spiciness and kick to it. Even its blue cheese sauce can't make up for the lack of taste. My ribs are a better choice, not fall off the bones but it's tender. The sauce is not thick though. I think it's too diluted for a bbq sauce. My DH has no complaints with his 1/3 pound Wagamamu burger.

Ah! Before I forget. Let me tell you about the promos they are having. You get a free hot cafe americano when you order an entree between 2pm- 6pm. Oh, and the Wagamamu visits card. You get to have it stamped when you consume PhP 500 worth of food and beverage. On the 10th visit you can get a complimentary discount card valid for a year.

Oh well, get your fill of their coffee now! I did! and I am not even a coffee drinker.