Spring Deer

My visit: July 26, 2009

Spring Deer Restaurant
31 Timog Ave. corner Scout Tobias St.,
Quezon City

If you are any of my closest friends, relatives or family member, you should know that my favorite dish is sweet and sour pork. So, when my DB told my family and I about this restaurant in Timog Ave. his selling point was that the restaurant served good sweet and sour pork. Well, I am terribly disappointed. Not only did I see a small crawling cockroach on its wall but the sweet and sour pork is the worst that I've tasted. Chowking's sweet and sour pork is way better plus it doesn't smell.

Here's what we've ordered:

spinach soup

This is my DS's order, good thing, they serve the soup per cup so you don't have to be obligated to order a whole bowl of soup. I am not a soup lover. DS has no complain with her soup so maybe the taste was OK.

assorted cold cuts

taosi clams

yang chow fried rice

sweet and sour pork

This is one sweet and sour pork picture that can be deceiving. Although it looks nice on my camera, it tasted bad and the smell, hmmm I dunno but definitely I will never going to go back to this restaurant because it murdered my sweet and sour pork haha