Tarot Card Reading anyone?

My visit: July 13, 2009

Geo Shop Cafe
Stall #22 Marikina Shoe Expo
Gen. Romula Ave.,
Cubao, Quezon City
4384243 09192223556

When my friend, JU, called to accompany her on Marikina Shoe Expo to look around the shops for local finds, I chanced upon Geo Shop Cafe. What immediately caught my eye was a small signage on top of the cashier's table that read Tarot Card Reading available. I got curious and ask how much, "PhP200 for around 20 minutes or so depending on how many questions "

I was hesitant at first but would like to try tarot card reading for such a long time. And so, I gave in. I don't have much questions and basically just listened to what Tess, the card reader has to say. Some of it were quite true. Buti nalang, the readings were all positive lol

the cards

The reading would start with all the cards face down. Tess will let you put both your hands on top of the cards. She will instruct you to close your eyes and then you will have to breathe deeply three times.

colorful as life, isn't it?

After that, choosing of the cards should be done using your left hand. She will instruct you as to how many cards you will have to pick.

The reading spans or could happen from six months to a year. If you are a believer or not, it's worth a try and for only PhP200, you got nothing much to lose.

one of the numerous shops in Marikina Shoe Expo

Would you dare try tarot reading?