Old stuff!

I was searching for my voice tape recording my mom recorded when I was four years old. I found it and many more of my old stuff!

I have it all washed and cleaned. Here are the photos of my acquisitions lol

shell case

I forgot where I got this shell case but it surely caught my eye when I was looking for my cassette tape.

photo frame

I remember this photo frame though. It was from my old classmate and friend, LCA. She gave it as a souvenir when she had her first daughter baptized. It was a long time ago. Now, my inaanak is what hmmmm, 8 years old? I'm getting old now! lol

nail clipper

This is an original Sanrio Hello Kitty nail clipper. I got this in one of my trips to Hong Kong when I was wee bit little. I had it re file/ sharpened at Hortaleza for only PhP20. Now, it's as good as new.

Have you recently searched your old tukador for old stuff you had when you were a kid? You should! You wouldn't know what you will find out!