Back in Wagamamu!

My visit: August 29, 2009

411 NS Amoranto St.,
Quezon City

After such a long time, we came back to Wagamamu for dinner. Each time we dropped by, new faces would serve us. Too bad there free coffee with any order of entree before 5:30pm promo is already finished. I hope they would bring it back. Love their coffee!

Here are what we ordered:

buffalo wings

We ordered the buffalo wings for a second time because we wanted for it to redeem itself. The buffalo wings served were crispier and now with a strong flavor and kick to it. The blue cheese sauce is too bland and has a watery consistent. I requested for a honey mustard sauce instead. It works for me!

stir fried dory

I was not able to finished this dish because it was swimming with butter/ oil. I just ate half of it.

mango crepe

Alright, who am I kidding? I am just saving space in my stomach for this mango crepe lol Although the mango is not entirely ripe, I was able to finished this. Yum!

Now, writing this entree, ooops, entry, makes me hungry for more!