C got herself a new job!

My visit: August 28, 2009

10 Aurora Blvd.,
Quezon City
4157872 4154842

Since C got a new job, she deserves her title back and be called AC lol Anyway, she owe me a dinner and a coffee to commemorate her new job. So, we ended up here. Initially, we were both thinking of Dezato Cafe but the place turned out full so we opted for the creamery.

Using AC's iPhone, these were our orders:

cream of mushroom soup PhP85

The cream of mushroom looks creamy enough to me! This is AC's order.

oriental chicken salad PhP185

The sauce is too sweet. The veggies are all right. But don't expect a delicious serving of salad in this restaurant. It is an ice cream parlor after all.

fish salpicao PhP210

This is AC's order also. The fish salpicao is diced into small, easy to chew pieces. A bit greasy.

pork steak honey mustard PhP245

The pork steak is my choice. Though small in size, I was not able to finish it. It was not bad but I am limiting myself into few bites these days. Plus, I get to take out the rest and give it to my dog lol

We ordered an Eskimo ice cream cake but we dig into it and forgot to take the picture haha A slice cost PhP95. So, you can imagine why I was not able to finish my entree. Who am I kidding? Between you and me... I am saving space in my stomach for the Eskimo!

I was expecting for a group dance number but until we went home, we didn't get a glimpse of the dance routine I so like! Maybe the management take it out of their routine. Sayang, they all groove well pa naman. Maybe I should request it next time?