New find: Jollibee Chicken barbecue

My visit: September 9, 2009

SM Megamall
Ground Floor

2 pcs. jollibee chicken barbecue solo PhP119

sad about the burnt skin, happy about the breast and leg part

While I was at the counter, I asked the cashier what chicken parts are available in their new offering. I was glad that breast part is included, my favorite! The other parts are legs and ribs. I opted to choose the breast and leg combination. I was happy to see that java rice is included instead of the plain or garlic rice. Now, I think Jollibee is competing with Aristocrat's chicken barbecue. The other question I asked was if I can have an additional sauce, the cashier told me that it's PhP5 for an extra sauce but they could always refill an empty cup sauce. That would be good for me. An extra java rice would cost PhP17.

For my verdict, the chicken is a bit dry on all four pieces that I've ordered. But I think the serving is bigger than its counterpart, chickenjoy. The skin is quite burnt as you can see in the photo and the sauce is on the sweet side. I poured the sauce on my rice and immediately asked for a refill. I gave the waiter the empty sauce cup. In turn, the waiter gave me the sauce in a new container, so much for the recycling and being green. But I saved PhP5 lol

At the end of the meal, I felt that I like the Aristocrat's version of chicken barbecue and its java rice more. I felt like I don't want to eat another Jollibee chicken barbecue, nakakauta siya.

But I am not saying that you should not try it... go and grab one! Un 1 pc. lang ha!