New find: Tofu Chips

Over the long weekend , I accompanied AC to shop for a good pair of shoes to match her evening gown. Upon picking me up, she gave me these two tofu chips in cheese and barbecue flavor.


I gave both to DH when I got home. He immediately opened the cheese tofu chips that's why the picture shows that it's already half empty lol His mouth is faster than my camera lol


Surprisingly, the tofu chips tasted good. So good that we ended up eating both in one afternoon. I like the cheese flavor more. The barbecue lacks the flavor in it. Or the cheese flavor has empowered the barbecue flavor in my mouth since I ate the cheese first. I don't know.

I saw these similar chips in The Tofu Store in San Juan but I didn't dare buy it for fear of the taste. But now that I know that it tasted like ordinary chips only better, I will grab and buy the next time I see tofu chips in stores.