Ultra 7 cinema at the Eastwood Mall

My visit: September 13, 2009

Ultra 7 Cinema
Eastwood Mall
Libis, Quezon City

It's the newest cinema in town! For PhP400 per pax, a movie goer can have as many bucket of popcorn he/ she wants and as many drinks to quench your thirst.

bucket full of popcorn

Cheese, Barbecue and plain popcorn are served by request. No matter how fast we ate we could not finish an entire bucket lol We took home the rest. You just have to raise our hand to ask for a bottled water, soft drink or iced tea. Both popcorn and drinks are bottomless.

plush twin seater

This seat is the best, we can recline our seat and put our leg up too bad our movie, Up, is a short one. You get your money's worth if you are watching a longer film.

DH and his cheese popcorn

I like the cheese flavored popcorn instead of the barbecue flavor. The barbecue lacks flavor in it.

me with my feet up

When you are all full from the treats, toilets are located inside the cinema so you can easily slide back to your seat and avoid missing much of the movie.