A boring afternoon

Tostitos salsa and chips combo

I was so bored yesterday from watching youtube videos that I decided to eat Tostitos Restaurant Style tortilla chips dipped in Tostitos salsa. Hmmmm.... yum yum!

This combination reminds me of the chips and salsa from Chillis during my college days. Since I don't have much on my pocket, I usually order chips and salsa because it can be refilled once lol Sometimes I take out the refill and ask for extra salsa hehe

I have not gone back to Chillis in such a long time, I wonder if the restaurant still serves chips and salsa. Do you know?

Nestle's Cerelac

No, hindi ako bumabalik sa pagkabata. I usually eat this whenever I feel the urge to eat snack in the afternoon. I like how this flavor tastes. There are other flavors but I don't like to try it. I think this is the safest choice. I love bananas and milk. How can you go wrong with banana and milk, right?