Breakfast at Mercado

I was at Mercado around 8am yesterday with AC and her family. We were surprised to see so many people lining up for the PhP88+ breakfast promo. We got in line and waited for almost an hour.

my membership card

Too bad, I couldn't take out my camera as the restaurant is inside the casino where CCTV cameras are everywhere. You and your bag will be twice checked before entering the huge casino where Mercado is located. While waiting in line, AC was approached about their free membership of the Resort World Manila World Card. It is a point system card. For every PhP100 you spent, you earn a point which is will be the equivalent face amount. You can earn points by playing in the casino and dining in its restaurants. You can also use the card to earn points when you spent in Genting, Alliance Global and Star Cruises. They also introduce the member get member program. The principal earns 50% of whatever points earned by your downline. The best thing is you can get your card immediately after signing the application form with your picture on it ;p

OK, too much commercial lol Let's focus on Mercado. There were four tables spread out for their buffet. On one table, cornflakes, choco flakes, milk, salad, dressings and fruit arranged neatly. The second one holds the rice, scrambled egg, veal sausage, longanisa, tocino and condiments. The third has congee and clear soup while the fourth table has bread, muffins and unlimited apple juice drink. Coffee is by request.

During the first round, I chose the veal sausage, tocino, longanisa, egg and rice. I don't like the taste of the veal sausage and so did AC and her parents. I find it too dry, they find it too grounded if I am not mistaken. I love the longanisa though. Nothing beats Red Ribbon's tocino lol I like that the ketchup they are serving is the extra thick/ rich one. I read in a blog that there were several toppings for the congee. At the time I went there, I only saw the congee without any choices for the topping. Maybe the refill has not arrived yet. I chose to move on with my second plate of salad. I only had a plate of greens with some croutons leftover. The salad is a bit disappointing. They serve the veggies even though lanta na un iba, wilted- is that the right term? Anyway, the muffins are not that filling. Both tasted the same lol Containers for the jam and butter were present but its empty. I got to taste the cornflakes with milk. The milk should be cold and not room temperature. We had to rush to get fruits as soon as the waiter placed the container in the buffet table. It was gone in sixty seconds lol

The food, at times, were not replaced as soon as the container was empty. I find the service a bit slow, we had to request several times before our brewed coffee arrived. They could not handle the huge turn out by people. I hope that they can improve in this area.

The promo runs until October 16, 2009.