Manosa Noodles, Seafood & Chops

My visit: October 16, 2009

Manosa Noodles, Seafood & Chops
The Serenity Heights
Upper level and Mezzanine 1
815 Banawe St.,
St. Peter, Quezon City

The first time we ate here was a huge disappointment in terms of service. The orders came out late because it was a full house.

We ought to give this restaurant one more chance and so we went back for lunch on a Saturday. We were the only customers when we went in and then two more tables were occupied when the waiter handed over the menu.

The restaurant sells everything as you can see in the background of the above photo. It sells pastries & cakes and dimsum aside from the noodles, seafood and chops. Ayayay!

oyster cake PhP185

This came out first although this is just a follow up order. I can taste the egg but not the oyster. Enough said!

The 2 cups of rice (PhP28@) came after several follow up from 3 different waiters. Should I remind you that only three tables were occupied?

sweet and sour liver PhP200

DH ordered this on our first visit and I liked it even though I am not a liver lover lol On this particular visit, the liver is not as crunchy anymore. It is not thinly sliced so medyo kadiri. I like the sauce though kasi sweet and sour!

buffalo wings PhP 190

By the time this dish came out, DH is full already. He was only able to have a bite and that's it. This came way too late! We were almost done eating. The buffalo wings tasted differently. I think tinadtad nila ng pepper un chicken. And the sauce, maalat so hindi masayang i dip ang chicken o ihalo sa rice.

We will not be going back anytime soon. Conclusion, the service needs improvement. And the food on the menu needs a revamp!