Konbini Store Tokyo Market

My visit: November 16, 2009

Konbini Store
57 Connecticut St.,
Northeast Greenhils,
San Juan City

I saw Konbini Store when I dined at Angel's Kitchen with my BFF last June. It was only a couple of days ago that I got the opportunity to visit and dine in Konbini. And it did not disappoint.

lots of Japanese treats to buy; even bread is sold here

At first glance, you would think that Konbini Store is just a Japanese convenience store with racks of food items like salad dressing, ready to cook food and condiments among others. There are two cash registers, one near the entrance for your grocery items and one for the self service restaurant. When you get pass the aisles, enclosed in a room is the dining area. I was surprised to see numerous diners since their name does not suggest that it is a restaurant.

A close up look on how to order:

  1. Look at the items in the menu board in each kiosk
  2. Select the items that you want
  3. On the countertop, pick a card corresponding to the item and quantity you want to order
  4. Bring the card to the cashier and pay
  5. Go back when your order is ready
dining area

Here's what we have ordered:

pita beef yakiniku 2pcs. PhP150

The beef filling is aplenty. You can eat just one and you will be full already. They used sukiyaki cut beef so you can be assured that you get a tender to the bite beef.

set a tonkatsu ramen with 5 pcs. gyoza PhP 300

There is an going promo for a set menu and we chose set A which consists of tonkatsu ramen and 5pcs. of gyoza. Now this order is huge and they didn't scrimp on the ingredients. I love the soup that goes with this noodle dish.

set a tonkatsu ramen with 5 pcs. gyoza PhP300

karaage spicy 6pcs. PhP255

I was hesitant at first to try spicy karaage but the person manning the cashier assured me that it's worth a try. And so I did and I liked it! Not too spicy naman, nothing that I can't handle. The chicken skin is crispy so I am happy with this dish too!

Plain rice at PhP35 each.

The personnel are very helpful especially if you are a first timer dining in their restaurant. They would patiently guide and show you how to order and suggest what's good on their menu. In my case, one of them pointed out that I can order the promo set menu which saved me PhP60 instead of ordering the food items individually. I would definitely come back and try their huge tempura next time...