Thai Dara Bangkok Street Food

My visit: November 14, 2009

Thai Dara Bangkok Street Food
56 Granada St.,
Valencia, Quezon City

This restaurant has a bright, sleek and cheery interior with Thai collections visibly displayed in every wall. Waiters are dressed in sarong, black shirt and the customary chinelas.

 On one wall displays Apsara dancers. It is a very nice touch to a white wall. When you look closely, the drawings, if I am not mistaken, were silk screened on a black cloth.

The LCD screen plays Thai artist in concert. The interior is narrow and deep and can accommodate more or less 20 people.

Here's what we have ordered:

l-r lemongrass iced tea and Thai iced tea PhP45 @

When we asked for water, the waiter asked us in return "tap water?" Uh oh! What kind of a restaurant that cannot afford a filtered water? With abundant water refilling stations around the area and not even expensive at that, I can't hardly fathom why they can't serve clean water to their diners for free. I asked if they also use tap water in their juice drinks and he replied that they use filtered water. There you go, they have it but its just not free. So we ordered their lemongrass iced tea and a Thai iced tea. At least their Thai iced tea is not too sweet unlike that of 8 Spices. Both drinks are alright.

Pad Thai PhP189

I am not fond of noodles but DH is. He ordered Pad Thai. This is a supposed to be a mix of chicken and shrimp but as you can see the above photo, there is only one shrimp and I counted less than 10 small strips of chicken. DH was not able to finish this dish. He commented about it being sweet and nakakasawa.

Tamarind fish PhP229

What's with cream dory these days? Every restaurant I go to serves this fish. Yes, it's fried, I know! You guessed it right! It's my order ; p At least I finished my order this time. Because of the breading, this dish is very crunchy on the outside and soft inside. And I like its sauce... a bit sweet and tangy.

Crispy Tofu PhP99

Are tofu and tokwa one and the same? I post this question because I often encounter restaurant serving tokwa for an item named tofu on their menu. Tofu has a soft and smooth surface right? This order is not! Though DH says that the taste is not bad when you eat it sandwich style. I don't like it. I got into the first bite and drop the thing on my plate.

The plain rice is so expensive at PhP39. An order is like half a cup. Darn! Hmmm... will I go back? DH does not want to. And so is my appetite lol

Photos take with DH's Nokia 6500