NP Kopi Tiam

My visit: November 13, 2009

NP Kopi Tiam
3 C. Benitez St.,
Horseshoe Village, Santolan,
Cubao, Quezon City
7235674 5715674

DH and I travelled from Malabon to Ortigas for nearly two hours. And going back was just the same. With "ber" months, I expect heavy traffic. It's always like that. And I hate it! It was in this horrendous traffic situation that lead us to try NP Kopi Tiam. It has always been on our list of restaurants to try but there was always no opportunity to dine here until last Friday. I was hoping that Friday the 13th will not jinx this food experience. But apparently, I got hexed lol


The mini bakery display was what caught my eyes upon entering the main door of the restaurant. It has such great selection of bread, mamon, cakes and even sushi on the side. I ordered cheese cup cake PhP24, cheese ensaymada PhP38, and a fudge brownies PhP26.

The interior is quite impressive, I like the earthy feel to it. It makes the restaurant fit for a tete-a-tete moment. A group of older patrons were seated on the elevated area. They were on their way out as DH and I were settling on our seats. 

Upon seating, I noticed that the menu was printed on the paper mat. There was quite an interesting selection on their menu. What caught my eye was their desserts, I always make room for some whenever I go out and dine. I made a mental note to try at least one of their desserts- Kopi Tiam halo- halo PhP165, storm PhP108, snowy banana con hielo or snowy mais con hielo both price at PhP86 each. DH ordered the house specialties while I, the usual, meaning the most common thing that you can find on the menu. I don't like surprises when it comes to my food.

Here's what we have ordered:

binondo mami PhP178

This was served with an extra bowl of soup. This was what I like amongst all the three that we have ordered. The dumpling was good, the meat was tender and the taste of the soup was satisfactory.

2 pcs. cuapao PhP78

I was a bit delayed when I took the cuapao picture because only one piece of cuapao was left. DH was already munching on the other one. The cuapao has bits of peanuts, shredded vegetables and asado slices of meat inside the soft white bun. I was disappointed because the cuapao was quite bland. What I missed was the sauce which was behind the basket holding the cuapao. The sauce was quite ok but I was not able to put some on my cuapao because I already lost my appetite.

Angus beef tapa PhP188

flip side of the egg

I ordered their whole day breakfast- the angus beef tapa. An order consisted of two thinly sliced tapa, 2 sunny side up eggs, a side salad which was too salty, a garlic rice and a vinegar. I find my plate to be oily where the egg was placed. I saw black speckles when I flipped the egg to catch the oil with some tissue. I wonder if they rinse the pan when they made my eggs. Anyway, I cleaned it up and placed one egg on another clean plate. I asked for a knife to cut my beef which apparently I won't be needing because the meat cuts easily. But when I tasted the beef, there was a tiny hint of sweetness and no other taste at all... bland. I asked for a seasoning but all they could give me was a bottle of pepper. I am truly disappointed. I asked for a ketchup instead hence the many sauces on my side of the table. I was not able to finish eating my order and decided to take it out for breakfast the next day.

Fast forward this morning I had the Angus beef tapa for breakfast and the verdict was still the same with a dash of seasoning. How the hell can they mess up beef tapa?

With having lost my appetite that night, I was not able to try any of their dessert. I was thinking that the taste of their dessert would not be far from their main course so I opted not to order anymore.

Needless to say, this might be the first and my last visit to this restaurant.

photos taken by my trusty N70 ; p