Trip to Subic on a long weeked!

My visit: November 2, 2009

Camayan Wharf, West Ilanin
Subic Bay Freeport Zone

It's always fun and great when you go to the beach with friends. And that's what we did when. the government declared November 2, 2009 as a holiday. We could not let the chance pass. Along with our friends returning from New Zealand, we went to Camayan Beach Resort in Subic.

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I don't know what got into this monkey but he sure knows how to project in front of my camera lol Calling the talent managers of the Kapamilya and Kapuso networks.

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The resort is well maintained. Entrance is PhP300 for adult and PhP250 for kids. You have two options for the hut, one is Special PhP750 which is smaller and positioned at the back as compared to the Premium PhP1000. It can accommodate up to 15 persons.

cottage number 5 - PhP1000 

Our hut, number 5, is right smack in the middle next to a life guard station. That gives us a reason to have a peace of mind with three children aged 4 years old and below in tow.

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The service is great. Black trash bag is provided and trash cans are visible. We had an issue with a painter painting a table near our hut but was resolved soon after they received our complaint.

for posterity ba ito?

The Reef Restaurant is a bad ass. They charge 10% for their service even though we would take away our food and eat in our hut. They won't deliver either but after some pressure the waiter give in. Our hut is less than a minute walk anyway from the restaurant. I can't seem to see the point. The restaurant charged us with PhP2/ plastic cup. The water in the pitcher is free though but you have to leave an ID with them. The food is not bad though and the price is just alright ranging from PhP100- PhP250.

The beach is sandy on the shoreline but once you went in the water its mabato. Be sure to bring your aqua shoes. The boys didn't have theirs on but I had to wear mine hehe

All in all, we had a great time! We will really miss our friends because they are going back to NZ on Thursday.