Christmas Party 2009 #2

My visit: December 14, 2009

Market Cafe
1588 Pedro Gil corner MH del Pilar,
Malate, Manila 1004

Just two days after my first Christmas party of the year, here I am dining buffet style with DH's Canadian friends at Market Cafe.

group picture

E, wearing polo right next to me, and G, wearing checkered black, were spending the holidays here in the Philippines. With hectic holiday, only Monday can fit in everyone's schedule.

Japanese section

The chef poses for my camera. I was just asking for permission if I can take a picture of the buffet area but he seem to have misunderstood me lol Hence, the pose.

kimchi among others

DH at the red meat section

leg of lamb

dessert bar

fruit selection

buffet area

dining area

nice color combination

very spacious dining area


medium well steak

lamb kebab

my plate- tamago, sushi and tempura

I got the last two tempura and I was disappointed because its already a bit soggy. The tamago was just alright but the sushi... I like!

salad with balsamic vinaigrette and blue cheese caesar salad dressing

I had to request for a refill of their fresh vegetables. I wonder why with many staff roaming around the buffet area and only a few diners how come they neglect to refill the plate and had to wait for diners to call their attention. The veggies were nice and crunchy though.

baked oyster

This was yummy even though the garlic was a bit toasted.

slice of leg of lamb well done

I find the lamb a bit dry, actually most of what we ate tasted dry. No juice overflowing from my slice of lamb.

creme brulee

I was just asking for a small slice but I got a whole plate of creme brulee. I was not able to finish this because it's too sweet!

mango and banana crepe with walnut and vanilla ice cream

The crepe was already made and not cooked/ prepared as you order. Nevertheless, I like it.

l-r strawberry cake and dalandan sorbet with strawberry ice cream

I had a couple of bite of strawberry cake. The dalandan sorbet was on a bitter side. I like the strawberry ice cream the most.

ooops... sorry E for blocking you

The canned soft drinks and beer on our table were included in the cost of the buffet. I still heart Sofitel's Spiral buffet. It's still my best bet.

Cost: PhP1336++/pax