How To: Paint your nails RED using Bobbie Classics' Exactly Red!

Bobbie Classics in Exactly Red

toes with base coat

after one application

after second application

with top coat

after prepping my squared nails

uzi Precious... watcha lookin' at?

lastly, quick dry does the trick!

sossy Precious on my bed

Precious might be wondering what I have done to my nails lol

  • Be sure to wash and clean your hands and feet.
  • I don't do nipper so I just cut my nails into shape- oval or square, your choice.
  • After nail filing, put on a single base coat.
  • Then 2 coats of nail polish with the color of your choice, RED is my choice.
  • Don't forget the top coat to give your nails some shining moment.
  • Lastly, put on a coat of quick dry.
Now you are ready to show off your well manicured nails!