Peri- Peri Grill House

My visit: November 27, 2009

Peri- Peri Grill House
Ground floor
Promenade, Greenhills Shopping Center
San Juan

If I had known the having our dinner here would turn into waiting game, I would not have agreed with my friends. Our order, including drinks, came out thirty minutes later. If not for MPT, who followed up our order twice, our food never would have came out.

parmesan crusted shrimp PhP350

If I am with DH, he would absolutely not let me order the parmesan crusted shrimp mainly because it's deep fried. I ate most of the shrimp without the marinara sauce, I think it's not bagay. We only ate 10 out of the 12 parmesan crusted shrimp.

1/4 chicken PhP140

java rice

This is MPT's order. She gave me a portion to taste the lemon and garlic chicken. The chicken was tender and juicy. The taste was just alright. The java rice tasted like plain rice with a different color lol Nothing special.

Peri chicken and ribs PhP320

LCA and I shared this Peri chicken and ribs. I got the ribs and she got the chicken part hehe By now, LCA knows already that I like ribs aside from sweet and sour pork lol Their ribs was a huge disappointment. Not only was the ribs without much meat, the extra sauce I requested taste awful. It did not even taste like a BBQ sauce at all.

We also ordered watermelon shake PhP70, soda PhP50 and a Cajun Chicken Afredo PhP265 which I think came out last that's why I was not able to take a picture of it. OK, I was too hungry because by this time it's already past 9pm.

care bears circa 1983

LCA, me and MPT

If not for my two care bear friends, I would have already walked out of this restaurant. Peri Peri leaves a very bad first impression on me. It's a no service charge restaurant maybe that's why we got none of the good service we deserve but we still left a tip ;p