On sale: Phiten- real or placibo effect

My purchase: November 30, 2009

Unit 523 Level 5
Shangri-la Plaza Mall
Mandaluyong City
phiten gift bag

Phiten Rakuha Necklace Benefit:
  • May reduce fatigue
  • Relaxes muscles, nerves from neck to shoulder
  • Use everyday for a healthy, balanced life and improved daily performance
Phiten Technology:

Phild Process the method of incorporating the nano particles ofTitanium, Gold and Silver in all the materials used for Phiten products.

Aqua Titanium is permeated into fabric like dye; each strand becomes permanently embedded with Titanium nano- particle.

Aqua Titanium X30 is thirty times more concentrated than standard Aqua- Titanium for amplified effectiveness.

phiten rakuwa neck x30 sliding type PhP2195, $35

Here's the description I got from Phiten Philippines:

Rakuwa Baseball Sliding Necklace - TE00152 - Bordeaux - 45cm

The strands of this fabric necklace are coated with Phiten's Aqua-Titanium. Its core has Micro sized Titanium Balls, as well as Carbonized Titanium. Great new design with Phiten sliding rubber pendant and metal clasp. It helps relieve tense shoulders and fatigue in the upper body.

And here's the description I got from Phiten USA:

This new model leads our line of team necklaces with a silicon contained pendant, which can be positioned on any part of the necklace, and new stainless steel clasps. The outer fabric is coated with Aqua-Titanium™ in X30 strength. The flexible core is a Micro Titanium Sphere and elastomer compound.

out just last November 2009

Luckily for me and unfortunately for my wallet, I found out that yesterday was the last day of the three day sale of Phiten Shangri-la Mall. Products on display were on sale at 50% off including the one in the picture that I bought.

I thought that Phiten was expensive. It was just recently, when I met with my old friends, that I found out that Phiten can be bought for less than PhP2, 000. And I got mine for only PhP 1097.5o.

I let the sales rep put on Phiten tape on my back as I am experiencing pain on my neck and upper back. At first, I was not feeling anything but while we were having our dinner, I felt warm on my neck and upper back area. I even let my DS touch my back. As I read through the Phiten site, the rising of body temperature was due to increase in blood circulation and relaxed muscle.

Last night, I slept with my Phiten on my neck. This morning, I still have slight pain on my upper back. Today, I added Phiten tape on my back and my legs. I am giving this a week and see its effect on me. Hopefully, it's not going to be just a placibo effect on me.