Starbucks Christmas Wishlist contest

5 Christmas Wishlist

1. 13 in. MacBook Pro
Don't get me wrong! I love my 2 year old macbook but if I have the means I really want an upgrade lol I should have just said world peace, no? But most entries would have said that right? hehe

2. an iPhone 3GS
I have a macbook already and since I'm a terno girl, I want everything Apple. Call me materialistic but who is not? Reality bites!

3. Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Passy GM (white)
I don't want the logo to be screaming so I want an LV Epi Leather. I love everything blue but white is my new blue!

4. Limited Edition Starbucks USB thumb drive
My mom is a computer newbie. I got her a desktop and my DS is now teaching her to find her way around computers. I want to give her the USB so she can watch TV series using it. Save the earth and don't burn CDs.

5. Starbucks Planner 2010
It's hard to go on with everyday life without a list. I have a list whenever I go out especially when I grocery shop. And a planner would help me plan days in advance on what to do.

There you have it my complete wishlist. Make your own wishlist too and submit to adminatnomnomclubdotcom. This contest is brought to you by NomNomClub.