New Find: Prosperous Xiamen Restaurant

My visit: January 21, 2010

Prosperous Xiamen Restaurant
20 Granada St.,
Valencia, Quezon City

GAT and I were supposed to have lunch at Cooking Mama yesterday but due to air con malfunction, we ate at Prosperous Xiamen Restaurant. Read here for Cooking Mama review.

 1/2 fried chicken PhP150

When GAT and I arrived, a table with two diners were already eating fried chicken which is their specialty. I mentally noted to order it. On its wall, big pictures of different dishes available on their menu were posted. I saw the salt & pepper squid and I ordered that too along with the fried chicken.

Within a few minutes the chicken came out first and then our cups of rice PhP20 each. The aroma of the chicken reminded me of my Angkong's (my grandfather on father side) chicken. But my Angkong's chicken proved to be tastier than this. But nevertheless, we were able to finished all except for two pieces which we decided to take home. I am a ketchup girl but with this particular chicken, the ketchup I poured on the saucer was not even touched. The chicken can be eaten as is without any sauce needed to spiced up the taste. It's good!

salt & pepper squid PhP240

The salt & pepper squid came out late. We were almost finished when it arrived. Now, you know why we were able to almost finished our entire order of half chicken lol We almost thought that they forgot about it. We were thinking of not following it up since we were full already. The friendly Chinese owner followed up our order. We dig in as soon as it arrived and still accepted the late order. But the next table beside us, a group of three men, argued that he was billed for an order which did not come out. Apparently, the kitchen is a bit slow on orders other than the fried chicken. The men paid only for the chicken together with the rice and left. The fish fillet they ordered came out as soon as they were out of the door. Poor owner! He was stuck with an order of fish fillet. I was hoping he would give it to us at half the price lol The owner just shook his head.

The food is good. The kitchen and the waitress/ order takers should have a coordination for the orders placed. This incident happen when the restaurant is not full. I can't imagine how they will handle orders when the restaurant is full of hungry diners. Oh, but I will be back for the chicken! lol