Freshly baked goodies only from Cooking Mama!

My visit: January 21, 2010

Cooking Mama
Unit A #25 Balete Drive,
Quezon City
5145031    09175213002

After our first visit, GAT and I promised to return for lunch. It took us two weeks after to return. But we didn't get to eat our lunch there. The air conditioning unit at that time was due for repair. We had our lunch instead in Prosperous Xiamen Restaurant but that's another post.

with Carrie Trinidad, the baker/owner; cute anime art by the owner's daughter

chocolate lava PhP120

You see, after having a hearty lunch, we went back to Cooking Mama immediately. That's how excited we were to try out their baked goods! We were not able to try their lunch menu but we did have a taste of Chocolate Lava. We were not sure as to how to eat it at first. Carrie suggested that we eat it as soon as it was served. With the chocolate still warm and the ice cream slowly melting around it, it really looks like a lava haha I quickly finished half of my share because I don't want to eat melted ice cream.... gooey!

spinach artichoke on dinner roll

Carrie then let us have a sample taste of their spinach / artichoke spread on dinner roll. It was delicious. I though to myself, I will buy the spread when I get back because I don't have enough cash with me at that time lol I don't think they accept credit card at this moment. GAT on the other hand bought a bag of wheat dinner rolls PhP90 and a loaf of wheat bread PhP120.

We spent approximately 3 to 4 hours inside their red and black 15 seater bakery/ cafe. With free wi-fi, GAT gets to chat with her sis in the US while slowly sipping her PhP55 brewed coffee. Magazines and today's edition of newspaper are readily available next to the counter.

Most of the time Carried was inside the kitchen personally attending and preparing her customer's order. She also took time out to talk to her guests and even accommodated having her picture taken with me. *wink*

Parking is aplenty at the side so that should not be a problem. If you are lucky, there are also two parking space fronting the restaurant.

I hope that GAT and I could get back soon! I hope to be able to taste their lunch menu.