New Find: Secret Oven

My visit : January 7, 2010

Secret Oven Designer Cakes Desserts Meals Treats
#25 Balete Drive,
New Manila, Quezon City
09279547134 09228913783

My BFF and I are always in search for a new hole in the wall type of restaurant. I often passed by this quaint looking bakeshop/ restaurant enroute to Greenhills. And last Thursday was our chance to try it.

barako PhP60

hot chocolate PhP40

decadent slice PhP85

The decadent chocolate slice was moist and not too sweet which was good because I will not like it if it's too sweet. My hot chocolate was made of cocoa. Yummy!
After our calorie filled afternoon, we went to another restaurant, Cooking Mama, located just beside it. Read more here.