New Find: Cooking Mama not the video game!

My visit: January 7, 2010

Cooking Mama
Unit A #25 Balete Drive,
Quezon City
5145031 09175213002

banana muffin with white chocolate dip PhP40

french fries PhP55

Surprisingly, beside the Secret Oven, another restaurant/cafe opened up when we had a chanced visit last Thursday. The Cooking Mama had a bright red interior. It is more classy with the red/black color combination. We just had to try and sample what it offers even if we are so full already from the decadent cake that we consumed just moments ago.

They don't have fries on their menu. Fries comes together with their sandwiches but the server agreed to serve us fries, how gracious of her, since my BFF likes fries. We requested to separate the white chocolate from the muffin. I guess, we are afraid that it will make the muffin taste sweet but it did not.

We are very happy that we plan to come back to this restaurant next Thursday!