Old and New: earphones

old and generic PhP88 earphones

new HE2550 twin vent 15mm PhP 339.75

While running on the treadmill the other day, my six year old earphone gave up on me. It was a good value, cost per use, since I bought it in PhP88 store in Araneta Center. It was cheap alright and it has served its purpose. I was in SM Centerpoint the other day and I saw cool Philips earphones i their appliance center. I chose the next to the cheapest one lol

I get to use it today at the gym but somehow, I felt a few sparks when I am using it. FYI, I tested the earphones before I bought it. I will try it on again this coming Friday in a different treadmill. Hope it will work out fine. Keeping my fingers crossed!