Blogger Event: Holy Cow! Steak Ranch & American Grill... A wholly fun meeting place!

My event: March 22, 2010

Holy Cow!
Level 3, West Lane
Robinson's Galleria

Dining at Holy Cow! Steak Ranch & American Grill last Monday was the longest dinner I had in a while. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining. In fact, it's the exact opposite! I like the tamed and intimate set up Stratigem Integrated Marketing Incorporation has organized for select bloggers, only four of us, and a handful of media practitioner. 

Located right smack upon getting off the escalator on the third floor, Holy Cow! is one restaurant you surely don't want to miss!

The restaurant has a spacious interior. And eventhough it served steaks and other grilled food, I noticed that it has a good exhaust system. I didn't go home smellling like a grilled potato lol

cobb caesar salad regular PhP240

Almost every morning, I ate vegetable salad for breakfast and I could not pass on the opportunity to order one here. The cobb caesar salad was suggested and I was not disappointed. The veggies were crisp and fresh. They didn't scrimp on the ingredients either as you can see in the photo above. A hint of lime was present in the dressing giving the staple caesar salad dressing a new twist!

cowboy combo platter PhP295

This order comprises of a hefty serving of calamarings, chicken tenders, barbeque flavored fries and the classic onion rings! A nice way to rev up your appetite for the main course. An order is good to share for a small group barkada or a family of five.
creamy apple squash soup- split PhP70

I attempted to make pumpkin soup in the past and more often than not, I failed. In the few restaurants that offered pumpkin soup, I noticed that restaurants often mixed pumpkin with another main ingredient. In Holy Cow!, the additional ingredient is apple, making the creamy soup sweet! They then top it off with bacon bits and croutons to balance the taste. And a buttered bread on the side. This order alone can fill an empty stomach. Now, I regret splitting the soup in half lol

chicken tenders PhP190

 white grape tea PhP70

wrangler's shake PhP95

I have a special spot for shakes whenever I am in a restaurant. I am a daredevil when it comes to shakes just don't put any crawling matter in there and I am up for it lol I initially ordered the Wrangler shake- a mixture of fresh bananas, strawberry fruit, pineapple and orange juice. Although I took pineapple out in my drink, the concoction is still satisfying! Now, I dare you to try it!

At the tail end of our meal, I gave in and ordered another drink- white grape tea. This drink has slices of grapes in it. A bit sweet but taste not like any iced tea I've ever drank. Did I tell you I love shake? lol

iron grilled tiger prawn includes two side dishes PhP350

This iron grilled prawn is a bit pricey, if you ask me, especially if you are like me who goes to the market once in awhile. Eeer, more like once in a blue moon haha I ordered it mainly to test if they serve it fresh. The verdict- yes! How do I know? Correct me if I am wrong, as I am just a pseudo expert here lol If the shell and the meat separates easily from each other then its fresh! That's all I can say!

famous rib- eye steak (9oz.) with 2 side dishes PhP950

Ever since I have been trying to slim down, I have not grilled a steak in our house! But how can I resist to the temptation when I am dining in a steak ranch lol I tell you... you can not! And so, I ordered the last of the three remaining famous rib eye steak... well done please! I don't want to see my meat bleeding out when I eat it! How can some of you stomach it, I don't know hehe

The steak was served in a grilling plate with matching white plate as support instead of the traditional wooden one. My steak is perfectly cooked and I happily sliced it till my stomach can not possibly accommodate it. Then it downed on me that an order is good enough to share haha I should have invited DH over haha The experience would be more satisfying when a meal is shared with your loved one.

midnight black forest cake PhP95

Nearing closing time, only the midnight black forest cake was left for our palate to taste. I would have ordered the Caramel Boston Pudding (PhP95) or the Choco Oatmeal Cookie ala mode (PhP110) but it turned out they only have a limited quantity of cakes per day alloted in each branch. All the other variety were sold out.

I got the cherry on top and a teeny weeny slice of the cake. Nothing spectacular but you can taste the cherry bits in between bites.

All in all, it was an awesome night- the small talk shared between media practitioner and bloggers. And of course, good food!