New find: LAM TIN Tea House

My visit : March 20, 2010

Tea House
30-U Banawe St.,
Quezon CIty
4940901   4257093

After an unsatisfying lunch at Good Chef Bistro, we went to LAM TIN tea house for dinner. A nondescript restaurant with numerous parking slots available, ten (10) if I counted it right. Plenty of parking space for Banawe standards. 

Service is no-nonsense, fast and efficient. Food is inexpensive. Taste has some hit and miss!

Here are what we have ordered:

taosi spareribs PhP70

We just had a bite or two of this dimsum order and took home the rest of it. I didn't like how it tasted in the restaurant and I didn't like it either when I reheated it awhile ago for my lunch. It smells different and tastes different too. So, I didn't eat the rest of it! Sayang!
raddish cake PhP65

DH told me he liked the version of raddish cake in Gloria Maris which is messier and not stock pile up. Too much cornstarch can make this dimsum more clamp together. If you know what I mean! Even if you don't, just don't order it here. Order it somewhere else like Won Ton if you are too cheap to go to Gloria Maris lol

sweet and sour pork rice topping PhP100

The first two pictures are the misses. These next two faired better!

This was by far the cheapest order of sweet and sour pork rice topping I had in a restaurant- fast food restaurants not included. DH could not believe the generous serving of this dish, all for only PhP100. The taste was just right. Just imagine, I had enough left to take home haha

noodle feast PhP220

DH and I could not believe what we saw when the order came and served to us. It was a feast alright! And they were not kidding! Generous serving of pork asado, wonton, beef, noodles and refillable soup on the side! Funny, as soon as this dish was served on our table, other diners on several tables asked the waiters what it was. A lady seating our table quickly changed her order of wonton soup to the noodles feast lol 

Needless to say, we had too much take out that night and could not go on with our planned massage because we were both so full. We ended up watching two movie marathon on our 42 inch Samsung LCD TV