Blogger Event: Penang Hill Modern Asian Cuisine

My event: March 1, 2010

Penang Hill Modern Asian Cuisine
Level 6, The Ledge
Shangri-la Plaza Mall

With new management comes a new logo and a sleek and well lighted interior. The two other branches will also be undergoing renovations in the future to catch up with Penang Hill Shangri-la's new look!

 four three seasons shake PhP75

penang cooler PhP70

It was supposed to be a Four Seasons shake but my stomach can't handle pineapple haha So, three seasons it was for me lol As for my second drink- Penang Cooler- when I heard at first that calamansi was in the Penang Cooler along with cucumber, I cringe that's why I ordered four season shake initially. But another blogger, Animetric whose first choice was the Penang Cooler, assured me that it's a refreshing drink. That was the time I ordered my second drink haha It's quite true, the drink has a right tinge of calamansi in it. Reminds me of the cool as cucumber drink I had in Romulo's Cafe but better and also less expensive!

Indian rice PhP135

I am not much into rice these days. And so, I ate just a spoonful of this Indian rice. The taste was not bad, you can smell the curry from across the table.

crispy catfish salad PhP185

The crispy catfish salad was served last. If this dish was served early on, it could compliment a lot of the dishes presented to us like the grilled thai pork belly and the fried catfish with tamarind sauce.

fried catfish with tamarind sauce PhP185

hainanese chicken PhP260

The hainanese chicken, I think, was my favorite. The chicken was juicy and tender. The sauces compliment each other. An order comes with a soup. I was not able to taste the soup though.

beef rendang PhP260

salt and pepper crab PhP120/100gms

I love getting my hands dirty lol So, I was not afraid when this salt and pepper crab was presented to us haha I was not able to ask how much an order like this one cost though. 

I have yet to try other entrees but from what I have tried, I can say that Penang Hill is now in good hands.