New Find: Chef Vince's Kitchen

My visit: March 6, 2010

Chef Vince's Kitchen
747 Banawe St., Quezon City                             

If you have been reading my post, you know that Saturday is usually Banawe Day for DH and I. Thank God that Causeway was full that day or else we would not be able to try this new restaurant on the block lol

The restaurant is quite big for Banawe restaurant standard. It has a function room at the end of the main dining area. I immediately noticed an organ just beside the divider and a collection of gems with different colors on one side of the wall.

The female waiting staff who attended to us was perky and would suggest their specialty when asked. I overheard a diner requesting to tone down the volume of the music playing in the background. Another diner, who was old, wanted to have his order as soon as he placed it haha Good thing, the waiting staffs were patient and their kitchen could deliver over the demand of their diners. 
 asado 1/4 kilo PhP175

Asado was their specialty according to the perky waitress. It looked good and at the same time, swimming with sauce when it came out. It also came with hoisin sauce. DH commented that the pork without the sauce was too sweet and warned me not to put hoisin on my asado.

 sate chami PhP165

Their sate chami was a bit salty. But was generous in serving that we got to take home what's left of it. 

fish fillet with guama sauce PhP165

DH and I both liked their fish fillet with guama sauce. The only lacking in this dish, I think, is toasted garlic! Yum!