Second time around: Wicked Kitchen

Wicked Kitchen
143 Mother Ignacia Ave.,
South Triangle,
Quezon City

When our friends came back from New Zealand, we wanted to treat them to Yakimix. The problem with Yakimix in Tomas Morato, is that the restaurant can only accommodate 6pm or an 8pm reservation as it is a buffet restaurant with numerous patrons even on a week night!

I decided, together with my cousin, to just treat them to Wicked Kitchen

Here are our orders:

broccoli and cheese PhP99

crunchy asian chicken salad PhP168

fire starter PhP185

I am loving the salsa in their version of lumpiang shanghai. As I am writing this, I am also missing the salsa dip in Chili's Tostada chips.

onion rings PhP98

A bit greasy but I like these onion rings!

wicked wings PhP209

We ordered three of these wings! Both wicked wings and onion rings have the same cream cheese dips. 

crunchy bagoong rice PhP152

There is real meat in there! If you love bagoong like me, you should try this!

babyback ribs PhP255

My favorite! A must order! Fall off the bone and it's good to share! I think we had an additional order of babyback ribs that night. Sumptuous!

fish and chips PhP185

A huge serving of fish and chips! The kids love it. A bit oily though.

beef salpicao PhP187

This dish have more button mushroom than the beef itself. But the beef is tender. I love the toasted garlic!


wrath crepe PhP138


I noticed that all three desserts- gluttony, wrath crepe and sloth use the same toppings of whipped cream and ice cream! Even the chocolate syrup is the same lol


The food is great and inexpensive! I will definitely find myself back here for more babyback ribs.... yummy!