New Find: Wicked Kitchen

My visit: January 8, 2010

143 Mother Ignacia Ave.,
South Triangle, QC

C, LL and I just met for an after dinner coffee last December. This January we decided to meet again for a much longer period of time and so dinner was in order!

with my yoga buddies

broccoli and cheese soup PhP99

The broccoli and cheese soup was LL's order but we just had to taste it. Creamy and surprisingly, the taste and combination was good.

fish and chips PhpP180

I like the dip. The fish, although deep fried, was not greasy. And I like the fries too!

asian chicken salad PhP168

The vegetables used were fresh. The noodles were crunchy even when mixed with the salad dressing. We opted to separate the chicken because LL is a vegetarian.

crunchy bagoong rice PhP145

This is good. Not the usual bagoong rice that you order in Thai restaurants. The red bagoong was generous and an order can be shared by two yoga buddies. Actually, we shared most of the dishes that we have ordered.

seafood aglio olio PhP175

Again, the seafood has to be separated from the pasta as requested by LL. Good thing, on both request, the server got our instruction and manage to specify the request to the kitchen staff. Or else, LL might not have anything to eat at all ;p

gluttony single PhP 135

By the time we were on the verge of eating our dessert, we were already so full. Good thing, we only ordered the gluttony- single. C only ate a portion and couldn't handle more that that. It was LL and I who devoured gluttony to the last crumb lol I love the ice cream serve on top of a hot pastry!

We ordered five out of seven dish that were featured on their flyer. Overall, we enjoyed the food and of course, each other's company!