Earth Hour 2010: Chili's Grill Bar and Restaurant with friends

As promised, our barkada went back to Chili's in less than a month after experiencing the refillable Tostada Chips lol That's just after 27 days to be exact lol My friends, including me, cannot hide from ourselves that we miss the good, old college days.

tostada chips PhP310

We went back last March 27, which incidentally, was also the day the whole world supports the Earth hour. In the Philippines the Earth hour is from 8pm to 9pm. And Chili's was among the restaurants who joined  the worldwide event by switching and dimming their lights thus the presence of more than one candle in each table.

Mr. Mas in his Mc Donald's shirt

I noticed that Mr. Mas was wearing a Mc Donald's shirt so I captured his picture together with the Chili's menu lol How's that for product endorsement? haha

beef fajitas PhP570

mushroom jack chicken PhP575

Cheese, tomato salsa and cream cheese are included in both beeef fajita and mushroom jack chicken.

regular buffalo salad PhP245

herbed salmon PhP605

1/2 honey bbd ribs PhP550

carolina ribs PhP840

chicken caesar wraps PhP310

DH and I

We had fun that night! Can't wait to see them again this coming Friday!