Breakfast: Delifrance

Unit 1 New Greenhills Theater Mall
Greenhills Shopping Center
San Juan, M.M.

Yes, I jog/ run on weekends and I eat too! And Delifrance is my choice for breakfast. Pictured below are some of the photos on their breakfast menu. Some orders are inclusive of drinks where indicated.

Farmer's Ham with brie in Ciabatta bread PhP169

tuna mayo sandwish with coffee (refill included)  and free strawberry muffin PhP179

The tuna mayo sandwich is a special for the lenten season. I love the strawberry muffin.

spinach omelette with ciabatta bread with orange juice PhP178

This is another favorite. For health concious people this is your order of choice- spinach omelette.

breakfast deluxe tray with ciabatta bread PhP259

A bit pricey among the selection but it's a complete breakfast. What's your favorite after run breakfast?