Max's Restaurant

My visit: March 27, 2010

Max's Restaurant
Governor Pascual cor.
MH del Pilar, Tugatog,
Malabon City

I think Max's is the sosiest restaurant in Malabon area. It's a two level restaurant and can accommodate, I think, a hundred pax in one seating. We usually dine there if DH misses the sarap to the bones Max's fried chicken. Or if I miss the lumpiang shanghai.

Chicken dinner PhP244


 free soup

Chicken dinner consists of 1/2 regular chicken, rice, kamote side dish, soup, softdrink and an ice cream for dessert!

lumpiang shanghai PhP130

This is another favorite of mine. The lumpiang shanghai is crunchy and best of all it's inexpensive. I just have to order a plain rice and I am a happy! You can never be wrong when you order these two dishes in Max's!