Merienda Time: Fu Chi Dumpling's cuapao

Ever since DH and I discovered Fu Chi Dumpling in Banawe, we have been going back and craving for more of their cuapao. I know, right, it should have been their dumplings that we are craving since it's the restaurant's name but we really like love their cuapao.

Their cuapao is always gone by the time we were there around 5 in the afternoon so you have to sometimes phone in your order to reserve and specify your pick up time. Or sometimes, we are too early and the special soft bread has not yet been delivered.

The cuapao is prepared only upon ordering. So, you are guaranteed with freshness. The cuapao is served still warm.

The picture below was my take out cuapao heated in microwave oven for a minute. The same aroma, softness of the bread and delicious fillings eventhough it has been sitting in our ref for over a day.

cuapao PhP60

Cuapao means folded steamed sweet buns with filling usually hung ma (pork stew).

Writing this post makes me hungry....hmmm!