Boracay Chronicle: I Luv Backyard BBQ... 100% pure meat!

My visit: April 25, 2010

I Luv Backyard BBQ
Station 2, D Mall

DH had an upset stomach because of the oyster he ate the last time we were in Boracay over four years ago. For the first time, I have to ride a tricycle solo to find a drugstore. So, we avoided seafood on our first meal in the land of fun under the sun. 

We went around D Mall to check out the various restaurants available and crossed out the restaurants that can be found in Manila. We didn't travel by air, land and sea just to eat the same food we have here in Manila, right?

We found out later that I love Backyard BBQ has the same owner as the Hawaiian BBQ found in Tagaytay all along, duh? So much for being a picky eater, huh? lol

 DH reading the menu, behind him are numerous signs 

You can actually take the signs off the wall and take a picture with you holding it. I would rather pose in front of the signs. 

the meatier, the sexier???

 cool stuff... ketchup and mayo container lol

 Dad's famous bulalo steak PhP290

It's bone marrow! And it's definitely not my order. You see, when it comes to food, it's DH who is more adventurous than I am.  This turned out to be a good choice though as the meat is more tender compared to what I have ordered. Ok, I had to taste a teeny bit as DH kept pressuring me to taste it lol

old fashioned rib-eye steak PhP265

Topped with 3 huge onion rings, this rib- eye was not the most tender beef that I have tasted. It was just alright.  

We ordered a can of Coke PhP45 and it started the non stop coughing of DH. 

Boracay has never been good to DH. And for the second time, I have to rush alone to another drug store to find him a cough syrup.