Boracay Chronicle: Real Coffee and Tea Cafe... Home of The Calamansi Muffins

My visit: April 25-27, 2010

Real Coffee and Tea Cafe
Home of The Calamansi Muffins
Station 1, Boracay

Armed with my list of good food and restaurant in Boracay, I aim to tick one restaurant at a time. After our lunch in I Luv Backyard BBQ, we went straight to Real Coffee and Tea Cafe. We still had time before to spare before the check in time of 2pm at Astoria Boracay

Real Coffee and Tea Cafe

Tucked in an alley but visited by many, this bamboo hut houses different types of muffins, all freshly baked by the owner, Ms. Lee.

the lady with the blond hair behind me is the owner lol

DH enjoying his cup of ginger tea

calamansi muffin PhP45

I read so much hype about the calamansi muffin but was not fascinated with it. The calamnsi muffin served to us was overbaked and not moist. Other muffins were not available that day so we went back again the very next day.

a small pot of ginger tea PhP90

DH and I were wondering why the ginger tea took so long. I thought it's just a powdered drink. I was surprised to see freshly grated ginger. 

We went back after our sumptuous lunch in La Reserve the next day. Glad that this time most of the muffins are available. Most people are probably on their way back to Manila because it's Monday already lol 


carrot muffin PhP50

ultimate (carrot, banana, pineapple, walnut and raisin) muffin PhP65

DH and I both agreed the these two muffins were way better- soft and moist- than the calamansi muffin. I asked a lady manning behind the counter why was the calamnsi muffin I ate the day before was dry, she told me maybe the batch of muffin might have been left in the oven for an extended period. I ordered another one but sad to say, it still has the same texture as the one I ate the day before.  Don't get me wrong, the taste is not bad. I like that it has a twist into it than the plain boring muffin. Maybe they could make it more easier to chew. Crumbs were left all over after I ate my muffin lol It's just that when I read blogs that raved about it, I expected more of the muffin presented to me. 

calamansi and mango fruit shake PhP130

And to prove that the calamnsi muffin ain't that bad, DH and I placed an advance order that day of 12 pcs. of calamnsi muffin and 18 pcs. of carrot cake to be given away as pasalubong for our families. We picked the boxes the next day all packed and ready to go.