Figaro All- Day Breakfast, Figaro a la carte and cakes!

Blogger Event:: June 2, 2010

G/F Hanston Bldg.
Emerald Ave.,
Ortigas Center

The invitation I got from NomNom Club was timely because I just encountered a bad experience the day before in Figaro Promenade. I aired my concern to the management and they promised me that they will look into it. So, hopefully they could do something about it.

It was an impromptu invite and my mom, who was a loyal patron for more than 5 years, was with me that day. We were able to taste Figaro's All Day Breakfast by Chef Karl Marxist Tan. All breakfast set are served with 8 oz. brewed coffee.

classic corned beef PhP175

The classic corned beef was my dad's favorite. Chunky corned beef served with egg and garlic rice. They could have cooked the egg well to make it more palatable lol

gourmet crispy tuyo PhP175

We often see this on the menu but have no guts to order it because we thought we have to use our hands in order to eat it.  What a shame! We should have ordered this sooner. Imagine not getting your hands dirty because the tuyo is already in bite sized pieces. That's what I called gourmet lol

pork longanisa PhP175

DM and I agreed that this is the best amongst the three. It was already our favorite even before this event came up. I have learned that these pork longanisa are made by the chef himself! Kudos to the chef! 

The following photos are their ala carte by Chef Karl Marxist Tan:

Tuscan chicken PhP199

This Italian inspired chicken was served with Al Tonno pasta. 

dory provencal PhP199

My mom can't stop raving about the pesto pasta served with pan fried dory. I like the vinaigrette dressing on their salad.

breaded dory fillet with tartar sauce PhP229

Buttered and breaded dory fillet with Classic Chorizo pasta. I am partial to this pasta. I like the sweetness the bits of chorizo gave. 

chicken a la kiev PhP229

In each order, you can interchange the pasta available on their menu. You can choose from Arrabiata, Al Tonno, Carbonara, Pesto or the Classic Chorizo except for Pasta a la Carlo which is my hands down favorite. A 12 oz. Iced Tea or  a 12 oz. Iced Coffee comes with each set to make a complete meal. 

mediterranean strawberry cheesecake PhP125 with iced tea

I used to order their iced tea because I was not used to drinking coffee. It was always my take out drink whenever DH and I were watching a movie. Good thing, they served our meals with iced tea, I realized how much I have missed it.

I love anything that has strawberries. Remember the strawberries I blog about? If only I can eat this whole lot, I will lol

my little oscar PhP109

Their sansrival is a must try!

mocha espresso praline PhP120

Cakes were brought out because my mom was not able to get her choice premium cake on her birthday the day before. Yey!

Thanks to NomNom Club and Figaro for the invite!