Mom's Birthday at Delish Restaurant

103 Maginhawa St.,
Teacher's Village, Quezon City

It's the first weekend of June and mom decided to held her birthday in Maginhawa St. She had a superb celebration with her siblings and their families. 

A new restaurant has sprouted along Maginhawa St. and it's called Delish!

my pretty mom in purple (leftmost)

These are some of the food that we have ordered:

baked oysters with spinach, bacon and herbs PhP220

You couldn't get any fresher than their oyster but if there is even one you find that tasted odd, they would gladly replace it.

      spinach and parmesan dip with melba toast PhP145

I recommend you to order this as your starter. An extra order of melba toast (PhP50) is in order. The spinach and parmesan dip tasted so good even without the melba toast lol

eggplant with pumpkin soup duo PhP90

At first sip, I tasted like something burnt inside my soup but my mom told me that it's the eggplant lol She ended up finishing my soup .

fish and chips PhP175

The chips are crispy and made of potato skin! How cool is that!

golden fillet of fish with sweet banana and fresh tomato relish PhP185

I like the combination of the sweetness of banana and tanginess of fresh tomato relish. Ginger slices are used as topper of the dish to balance the taste.

ox tongue with creamy garlic and mushroom sauce PhP185

Obviously, this is not what I have ordered. Its my dad's! He often orders ox tongue if it's available in restaurants that we go to. 

iced tea PhP55

Almost everybody ordered their iced tea.

work in progress interior

cute wash basin

outdoor/ smoking area

visible signage so you wouldn't miss it

The following day, we went there to sample their lunch value meal price below PhP150. All comes with free soup. These are just 3 of their numerous lunch offering. Visit the restaurant for the rest and share your pics on their facebook account

sisig with egg PhP85

beef kare- kare PhP95; all veggies PhP75

humba PhP85

Their kare- kare with bagoong is the hands down winner for me. Of course, my brother and mom would beg to disagree because they find the sisig, their favorite. Eeeeer, I don't eat sisig so there's the justification lol

A must try! asian crispy chicken with honey and fried garlic chips PhP175

So, if ever you have the drive to go to Maginhawa St. try and taste the food that Delish Restaurant has to offer. Food serve is in no rush so be prepared to wait a little longer. As with all new restaurants, this restaurant has its own hit and miss when it comes to their food but there is always room for improvement!

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