Delish Restaurant Blogger's Night

My event: August 25, 2010

103 Maginhawa St.,
Teacher's Village, QC

Alright, the big reveal, this is my brother and his friends' restaurant! And for the first time, I organized a blogger event not just for one night but two separate nights. Although I am not really new at organizing event because I used to organize kiddie birthday parties, sometimes even a debut and one time a friend's wedding and my very own wedding haha Inviting bloggers is not a walk in the clouds. Buti nalang naawa sila sa akin at pumunta sila . I have to check, adjust the schedule, follow up and confirm even on the last minute ; p 

My brother has been bugging me to organize a blogger event for his restaurant since day 1.  I guess I don't have enough confidence about the food that they served in the beginning that I offered excuses so as not to disappoint him. I published 2 posts about Delish Restaurant so there will be internet presence. Read it here and here.  I gave it some time so that they could experiment and settle for a theme and make necessary adjustments in terms of their specialty and their ambiance. After all, bloggers will write about his/her experience with the restaurant and its food whether its good or bad. 

And after 5 months, I finally had the courage to organize a blogger event. I was not able to take pictures of the food on the first event because a lot of bloggers have shown up even if it's a Sunday haha That's good and I am not complaining!

There are a lot of changes since. New couch, UP students' paintings for sale and a whole lot of new food on their menu. They even have lunch specials to cater to the working class on weekdays. They now concentrate on Filipino cuisine with a little bit of twist. 

The pictures below were taken on a Wednesday, three days after the first event. We were only 5 that night so I was able to squeeze in a few shots!

crispy bicol express PhP185

Don't be intimidated about the green sili on top. It was a balance of spiciness and the flavor of coconut milk. And they don't take the "crispy" word for granted because the pork was fried to perfection.

Special lunch price PhP89 with soup of the day and rice.

crispy marinated chicken with honey and fried garlic chips PhP185

This is one of their specialty which was retained from their original menu because many have been raving about it. 

Special lunch price at PhP89 with soup of the day and rice.

crab relleno in banana leaves PhP98

Did I tell you that they have revamped their menu? Well, the crab relleno came in as a surprise. It's inexpensive too! The four bloggers I came in with were raving about this dish. And the presentation is awesome. You  have to try it when you visit the restaurant.

boneless crispy pork knuckles with oriental sauce PhP390

This dish was served on both nights and on both occasions, there was no left over. So, if your cholesterol level is low, you can order this dish haha Reminds me boneless crispy pata of Romulo Cafe but half the price lol 

spicy chicken wings with honey mustard sauce PhP175

quesadillas PhP175

I was hesitant to taste this at first. I don't know what to expect but this order is so cheesy... literally!

spinach and parmesan dip with melba toast PhP145

baked oysters with spinach, bacon and herb Php220

A personal favorite!

baked oysters with garlic and cream cheese PhP225

butterscotch pavlova PhP145

This is my first time to taste a dessert like this. If only I can eat everything haha Tastes like Goldilock's Brazo de Mercedes which by the way is my favorite!

honey panna cotta PhP95

 acoustic singer

Delish Restaurant has acoustic nights during Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We were lucky enough to be there on a Wednesday. We were able to hear the first set!

bloggers night out 1

Thanks for coming Richard, Jane and Bubba, Trixie, Jeff and Mel, me, Peter and Rowena, Rochelle and Christina, Carlos and Alvin!

bloggers night out 2

We had our second blogger's night with Azrael, Jonel, me, Jen and Jeff. Thanks guys! You can visit their posts on Delish by clicking the link on their names.

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