Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo

After my night with angels at the Nestle's Heaven event, another angel knocked at my doorstep the night after! This time it's a special pizza delivery from Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo! Too bad it came way too late for our dinner time. We eat dinner at approximately 7pm. I just took photos of it and put straight to the refrigerator in time for breakfast the next morning. Keeping my fingers crossed that the taste would not change.

medium Angel's style pizza PhP315 

It's an original hand tossed pizza made of bbq chicken chunks, onions and sliced mushroom. Among the two pizza delivered, I like this one better. The bbq sauce is a dead give away because I love anything with a taste of bbq! Oh and the mozzarella cheese too! Too bad, this was only a medium 6 sliced pizza  lol It easily fits my dinner plate and didn't last long after breakfast haha
double cheesy burger big family PhP599

Why double? It's mozzarella cheese in between two thin crusts pizza topped with beef and bacon! It's not a favorite because people in the house find it hard to chew especially because it's double crusted and not much toppings, if you ask me. But this one is a gigantic 12 sliced pizza, good enough to feed a basketball team.

brownie squares PhP85

Angel's Pizza Pasta delivered three packs of brownie squares. All I can say is my mom can bake brownies better lol But nonetheless, I would like to thank Annesy and Angel's Pizza Pasta combo for the delivery!

For Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo delivery call 922- 2222! A taste of heaven at your doorstep!


I was told that I should have heated the brownies in the oven to savour its goodness!