Heaven Ice cream by Nestle launching

My event: June 23, 2010

Nestle Heaven Ice cream launching
A.Venue Events Hall
Makati City

I had two events that day. From Real Living Magazine book launching, I went straight to the Heaven ice cream event. Although the event was a bit delayed, the production number was spectacular with angels doing trapeze. Four living statues were situated in four corners carrying the four delicious flavors of Heaven Ice cream! Amazed at the production value and presentation, I can't wait to try on their four latest ice cream flavors. Read below to see what favor is my favorite!

come in celestial chic!

The invite said come in celestial chic, being a non conformist that I am, I came in my brightest pink blouse and of course, my bangs lol

What I am wearing:
Hong Kong blouse in brightest pink
Guess white jeans
set of fresh water pearls from Boracay
SUKI white shoes
Ernie Mascenon, Nestle's Marketing Executive Manager

angels came down from HEAVEN

opening number

strawberry dream

stars spotted are Pops Fernandez and Vernie Varga

Angel sightings...


Behind the scenes:

While waiting for the event to start, a DJ was continuously playing music in the background and food endlessly coming out. Below are the pretty bloggers who graced the event, me included!

My favorite? The Strawberry Dream, of course!