Home Improvement: Narra and Kamagong Sideboard, exotic lamp and more!

narra/kamagong sideboard PhP19, 000

Ever wonder why DH and I kept on going back to Market! Market!? Because of the furniture being sold there. DH wanted to add more furnishings to our house and we spent 2 straight days in Market! Market! Saturday, we bargained, and I mean really bargained for the sideboard above from PhP25, 000 to PhP19, 000. Sunday, we picked it up and bought a pair of fish lamps and the elephant pictured below inside Metro Gaisano Department store.

 elephant 26x26cm PhP2, 446.50

This elephant was 30% marked down from the original price of PhP3, 500.

 rubber wood Buddha from Old Market, Cambodia USD30

You all know that the warrior came from our trip to Banaue, Philippines and the Buddha came from Cambodia. Both were bought at bargain prices ; p

 47"x78 painting at the back USD85 from Tran Phu in District 5, HCMC,Vietnam

I got the plant on top from the birthday party of my grandmother and the plant above was bought in Manila Seedlings.

I never stopped loving the beach. So, I bring the beach even inside my home!

I placed a mirror under the IKEA candle holders for an added sophistication to the center table.

ceramic tall fish with lamp PhP3, 000 each

Another Market! Market! find inside Metro Gaisano Mall is a pair of his/her fish. These are really huge fish lamps and it looks quirky. DH liked it so much that he didn't think twice about buying it plus the original price of each fish is PhP6, 000. It looks good in our living room. What do you think?


I just learned that fish inside the house represents abundance! We have two giant fishes. Does that mean we will have so much this year and the coming years?