Icebergs Banawe

My visit: July 17, 2010

698 Banawe St., 
Siena, Quezon City

Yey! Finally, Icebergs is now back in Banawe. Last Saturday, we ate there before going to our office. 

Hungarian sausage PhP188

Hungarian sausage is his favorite. And before I can even take a bite, nothing was left on his plate except the chips because makunat na siya.  

 rib- eye salpicao PhP218

I miss beef. We hardly eat beef at home. I order beef every chance I get when I dine out. To make the long story short,  I finished everything haha But my mouth and throat turned dry the whole afternoon. I wonder if they add MSG on their food?

 fries PhP128

Going to Iceberg? Be sure to order their fries, you won't be sorry. This is not your typical Mc Donald's fries lol Dip the fries in mayo and ketchup... sarap!


We were back in Icebergs last September 4, 2010.

Here are what we ordered:

chili dog PhP168

caramel flan PhP118

Icebergs never fail us! Sarap!